Campaign to Save Pitshanger Library

At the request of residents in the Pitshanger Village area and the Pitshanger Village Traders' Association we mounted a campaign to join with local people and all those affected by the potential closure of this valued and, indeed essential, facility.  An online petition was filed on Ealing Council's web site and we urge any of you that have no yet signed it to please do so by following the link on the home page.  A special edition of In Touch was printed and is still being distributed as the online petition is open until 13 August.  All offers of help gratefully received.

Last Saturday, we were joined by Cllr Seema Kumar at a street stall organised by Ian Proud to gain as many signatures to a paper petition as possible.  Signature sheets were placed in all the local shops and facilities and, to date, we understand over 1300 signatures have been collected, included some 250 from the street stall last Saturday.  This petition will be presented by John Martin at the Council Meeting next Thursday 2 August and we urge as many of you as possible to attend this meeting to support Cllr. Stafford who will be speaking against this decision.


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