Local News

Labour cut community safety budget

Labour cut the communtiy safety budget by 38% and now residents in Perivale, Greenford and Northolt are paying for this stupidity. At the same time Labour increased spending on Unions.

Employment up again

3 years ago the future looked very bleak after Labour had spent all our money again and left a massive deficit. After 3 years of Conservative led Coalition, things are looking up again especially for our young people who Labour let down so badly.

Ealing Hospital A & E saved from closure

Twelve months ago Ealing Hospital A & E was staring down the barrel of closure. Thanks to a Corss party campaign supported by thousands of residents, our A & E will now stay open for residents of the borough.

Labour break promise to Perivale resident

This week Perivale resident Billy Higgins returned to the Council to remind Labour of a promise they made 7 months ago and still have not delivered on.