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Interested in shaping Conservatives Policies?

On the 18th of November, Hannah David, the new Conservatives Policy Forum National Voluntary Director, was invited to speak at the Executive council meeting of the Association. 

Labour cut community safety budget

Labour cut the communtiy safety budget by 38% and now residents in Perivale, Greenford and Northolt are paying for this stupidity. At the same time Labour increased spending on Unions.

Employment up again

3 years ago the future looked very bleak after Labour had spent all our money again and left a massive deficit. After 3 years of Conservative led Coalition, things are looking up again especially for our young people who Labour let down so badly.

Ealing Hospital A & E saved from closure

Twelve months ago Ealing Hospital A & E was staring down the barrel of closure. Thanks to a Corss party campaign supported by thousands of residents, our A & E will now stay open for residents of the borough.

Labour break promise to Perivale resident

This week Perivale resident Billy Higgins returned to the Council to remind Labour of a promise they made 7 months ago and still have not delivered on.

Plan A is working and Labour don't like that

It's not looking good for Labour. The Conservative plan to rebalance the economy and clear up the mess Labour left is working and people still have not forgotten that it was Labour who left the mess in the first place.

Leader of Ealing Council in Big trouble

The plot thickens is a phrase we often hear when more information comes to hand on whatever it is that is being investigated. In this case, the Leader of Ealing Council is being investigated and information that has come to hand recently is not very helpful to him at all.