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Missed collections up by over 300% in Ealing

Conservative Councillors have uncovered some bad news for Residents of the Borough. Is September of this year, there missed collections of rubbish and recycling were over 300% higher than September last year.

Over 90 staff on £100k+ in Ealing Council

Ealing Labour promised to cut back office staff and protect front line services. Why have they only cut management cost by 5% and not cut Union facility time at all.

Ealing Hospital's A & E needs you

Plans due to be consulted on by the NHS if they go ahead could result in Ealing hospital losing it's A & E department, and being downgraded to a "local Hospital", losing 9 of the 11 major services it provides in the process.

The rain in Spain, falls mainly in Ealing

The Ealing Labour ran Council, has suggested that the reason they collected 60% less garden waste in May this year compared to May last year, was down to rain, and not the fact that they now charge residents £40 to take it away.

Time for some honesty from Leader of Ealing Council

Two months ago, the leader of the Council, Cllr Bell told us that we would struggle to find a problem with the rubbish and recycling service in Ealing. That same month, the council recorded 170% more missed collections than it had a year earlier.