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Ealing Council agree compo for SOME residents

The Labour ran Council has accepted that residents, not all residents, deserve compensation for the fiasco of a rubbish and recycling service that they have received for almost 3 months now.

Ealing Labour Block Compensation debate twice

Last week at Full Council, the Labour Group voted on two occasions to block a debate on compensating residents in the borough for the very poor Rubbish and recycling service they have received for two months now from the council.

What's Dr Sahotas priority, his pension or his constituents

Dr Sahota needs to come clean. Did he vote to strike over his pension or not. He claimed during the election that he would fight to save NHS services and now we have a Doctors strike where they withdraw their service from patients. What's his priority, his pension or his constituents.

Everythings back to normal in Ealing apparently

At this weeks emergency council meeting forced by the Conservative group in Council, the Labour leader of the council told residents, they need to get things into perspective.