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Labours best laid plans in tatters

When Labour told us they planeed to start charging residents to take away their garden waste, they told us this would not result in residents flytipping their garden waste. How wrong they were

Ealings a mess

Last Week Ealings new contractor Enterprise took on the job of collecting all our rubbish and recyclables. A week later and some residents are still waiting to have their rubbish and or recycling collected.

Ealing Labour refuse to join 51m

This week at full council, former leader of the council and Greenford Green Cllr, Jason Stacey asked Cllr Mahfouz how much it would cost to join 51M and if they would now commit to joining 51M.

Leader of the council can't work payphone system

The deputy leader of the council, this week revealed that Cllr Bell, the Labour leader of the council does not know how to work the mobile phone pay and display system that they are going to impose on the rest of us who shop locally.

Ealing Labour Slash Roads Resurfacing Budget

This year the council is only spending £3.5m resurfacing roads and footpaths, £3m less than we spent in each of the last two years we ran the council. Labour blame the cuts but underspent themselves by £9m last year and they also have £30m in unearmarked reserves.

Labour didn't do the work on HS2

Hillingdons submission on HS2 ran into hundreds of pages, Ealings was a two page holding objection. Guess who got a tunnel, not Ealing

Ealing Labour break HS2 promise to residents

At full council this week, Labour confirmed that they had no intention of Joining the 51M of local authorites affected by HS2. Last year Cllr Mahfouz promised residents that if the HS2 decision went against the council, they woudl join 51M

Ealing Labour fail residents along HS2 route

Conservative group in Ealing accuse Labour of failing to protect residents along the HS2 route because of their stubborn refusal to follow our advice and join the 51M group