Cllr Ian Proud

Yet another scam

Out of the blue I received a letter from BT informing me that my BT mobile phone account was being credited with £20. As I have no BT mobile phone I phoned BT customer services to find that the account had been opened on 6 September 2016 and BT closed it on 8 September. BT was suspicious about this, closed the account and did not send the ordered phone to my home address.

The security department told me that is the latest scam. The phone is ordered and the scammer waits near the house until the courier appears, intercepts the courier and signs for the phone. The phone is used extensively and the first known about this is when the bill is presented to your current account or credit card for settlement.

What can you do?

1. If an unexpected phone is delivered to your house/office without being intercepted contact the sender and check who ordered it.

2. If not intercepted then the scammer may well appear later on your doorstep claiming the parcel has been wrongly delivered. The scammer may claim that he is a taxi driver or courier and that he has been sent by BT to collected the parcel.

    * Give no indication that you have such a parcel.

    * Tell him it must be the wrong house with no further discussion.

    * Shut the door promptly

    * Phone the police with a description of the caller.

    * If you can see his car note the details for the police.

3. Keep an eye on your credit card and current accounts so that you can identify suspicious mobile phone type payments.

This scam is being widely used across London, so please be ever so alert and ignore whatever excuse/reason is given for collecting the parcel after you have received it.