Gurnell Regeneration

On 8 June there was a briefing on the replacement leisure centre at Gurnell. The main points highlighted were that the pool will be still 50 metres long but will have 10 lanes as opposed to the current eight, there will be better facilities and underground car parking for 175 cars. No mention was made of car parking fees, but if they are higher than the current fee of 30p there will have to be a very good valid explanation.

The next briefing will be on 9 July (needs to be double checked) at Hathaway School starting at 6.30 pm. The subject will be the plans for housing for up to 450 accommodation units. These will generate up to 450 cars and car parking spaces will have to be provided on the ratio of one to one, preferably in underground car parks, otherwise the surplus cars will spill over into Gurnell Grove, Avalon Road and other neighbouring streets.

The Council will make an excuse about costs, but with £18m surplus this year so far the cash is available. If you do not want your streets and estate swamped with cars, you must attend and make your support for underground car parks clearly known.